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1Not Regular Empty Not Regular on Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:02 pm


Point Of View

This is mainly in Sara's


Now we all know we would scream and act different from our regular selves if we saw Cole. Here is a story about Cole and Dylan is highschool and are used to people acting weird when they are there but one girl stands out in the crowd.

This is not a long story just something that popped in my mind. I hope you like it!

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2Not Regular Empty Re: Not Regular on Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:16 pm


Sara was just a regular girl in Yellow Brook Regional High School. She went to classes, she studied, and she got straight A’s. She knew her life was perfect. Her two friends Penelope and July were always there with her, and I mean always there. The story takes place during fourth period while Sara is reading her line. They are doing Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare.

“Then have my lips the sin that they have took” I said. Over the intercom the principal speaks, “Hello students this is your principal speaking now we have special guests coming to our school they are Cole and Dylan Sprouse. I want you to remember that they are just people.” “Thank You!” I started thinking about it. What? Well now our school will have celebrities. Our school really doesn’t need them. I better keep reading my line. I tried reading again but the principal was still speaking. “Looks like he’s still got his hand on the button… again.” I said “What! Cole and Dylan are here. Ohhh they’re in the hallway, near lockers 12-15.”, said the principal. Then out of nowhere there were girls running out of their classes just to go to them. Damn! It’s like a Justin Beiber concert around here. What are they running for? Just for them I guess, it’s like a shopping spree at the mall. Of course that only lasts 30 seconds. I mean they’re… Right in the middle of my thoughts Penelope comes telling me this and that about Dylan and Cole. Suddenly I am back to reality; I wake up sweating buckets in my purple room on my bed. My cover off me and my dog at my lap “Don’t worry Max. It was just a bad dream. I know it would never happen.” I whisper Next Morning I eat my cereal, walk Max, and then head off to school. On the bus Penelope, July, and me sit in the back so no one can hear us. I told them about my dream and Penelope starts yelling at me. “What! OMG! What do you mean you don’t like the Sprouse twins they’re hot. Well at least I mean Dylan’s hot. He’s like the total package the hair, the eyes, you just want to pull him close and just let him take you to his house and have sex all day long, I MEAN 24 HOURS A DAY and you think they’re okay!” whispers Penelope . Next thing you know she started cursing in Italian. “Come On Penelope. You know I don’t speak Italian. I should, but I don’t” I whispered back. My dad is Italian while my mom is Spanish, so I really should be able to speak Italian but I don’t, I only speak Spanish. At school everything turns out to be exactly like my dream, the play, the same thing happens. “Then have my lips the sin that they have took” I say. What do you know! The intercom turns on and guess who it is.... The Principal!

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