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typical life

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1Updated typical life on Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:17 pm


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SPBF Newbie
I do not own Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling DOES!!! I HAVE NOTHING BUT MY IMAGINATION!!! THIS IS FOR FUN!!!
Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse are in Hogwarts. With the Golden Trio! during middle of sixth year, and follows through Deathly Hallows. NOTE that Hermione, Cole, and Dylan knew each other on the train in Hogwarts (First Year), and thats how they became really good friends. Smile
Yes, Harry, Hermione, And Ron will be searching for the horcruxes. And I might just add, Cole and Dylan in there too. Very Happy To add a little bit of heat in there. Smile

Hermione Granger just witnessed the snog of Lavender, and Ron. She was disgusted, and overall pissed over the fact. Since, she has been having a crush on Ron for a while now. But now, Hermione doesn't give a rats-ass, about him.
Harry smiled over his best friend getting kissed. When Harry turned his head, Hermione was already gone. His smile faded, and his heart was racing, he wanted to catch up to her... quickly.

Cole Sprouse was walking on the steps of the Gryffindor tower, just wandering about. Until he saw his best friend, crying.
"Hermione?", Cole asked softly, her cries was almost making him cry, so he sat next to her. "What happened?", he asked rubbing her shoulders. "Its Ron.", she stated firmly, her lips pursed. "M'ione, you don't have to worry about him.", his gentle smile, was making Hermione smile a bit, but he could feel her magic flow within her. "What are you doing?",
"Making something."
Then the odd silence kicked in, and it felt uncomfortable.
"C'mon Hermione, we can't just sit here and cry all day...", he handed his hand towards her. "I don't feel like doing anything today."
"Just because you saw Ron? You didn't really give me the full story of what happened...", he softly said.
Hermione looked up at him, and her tears were forming again. "Fine. Lavendar kissed Ron, and...-"
"You were jealous?", he finished.
She nodded, and cried.
Cole sighed, and rolled his eyes. "Please come with me. You'll feel better.", he said.
Hermione finally stood up, and followed Cole.

"Where are we going?", She asked hesitatingly. Cole turned around, and put on his warm smile. "Were going to Hogsmeade to get a drink."
"Sounds nice...", she shrugged.
"And some shopping I guess."
She smiled at him now. And wrapped her arms around him. Cole was taken aback, but he allowed it. "Thank you...", she whispered in his ear, making it tickle a little. "Your welcome.", she let go, and the both of them walked towards Hogsmeade.

"You know... you look cute today... wearing that.", Cole confessed. Hermione blushed crimson, although she was wearing her typical jacket, and beanie. "And also, your hair looks like a tint of blonde too.", he said, making her laugh. "You know you didn't have to do this.", she put her hands in her pockets. "I think otherwise."
"Why's that?"
"Because... I wanted to do this.", Cole leaned towards her, and kissed her bottom lip, passionately, sucking on it. Making her moan. "Uhhh--", she sighed.
Cole let go quickly, realizing what hes doing. "I'm so sorry, Hermione... I didn't mean to.", he protested quickly, feeling ashamed. Hermione put a smile on her lips, and kissed him back.

So tell me what you think so far. And I will be doing more of this fan fic, if comments arrive. lol

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2Updated Re: typical life on Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:45 pm


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
oeeehoeeeh! Harry Potter and the sprouse bros! the two best things in one fic <3.

Yes! i love it!

3Updated Re: typical life on Tue Feb 02, 2010 9:10 pm


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
Her lips on his were like fire on ice. Sizzling. Pure bliss was happening, and Cole gently let go of her. "We didn't even go in the Three Broom Sticks yet.", he chuckled, and she giggled.
"Lets go in then.", she took Coles hand and walked in.

As they walked in, the wooden floor was covered in maple chestnut flooring, the bar was covered with a crowd of wizards, and witches from different countries. The booths were all lined up in the back. So the only choice they had was to sit in the middle of the bar.

She didn't really want to see Ginny in here, because of the fact that Ginny wanted to see Ron and her together, having Weasley babies. But, after what Ron did. Hell no.

Hermione took off her jacket, and Cole helped her getting the chair for her. "Here you are milady.",
"Thank you. Your such a gentlemen.", she flirted right back. He waggled his brows, and flipped his gorgeous blonde hair. Teasing her.
She just smiled at him, and winked.
"What would you like?", a tall man, with brisky black hair questioned them both. "I would like to have, a butterbeer.", Hermione told the waiter.
"I would like one as well."
"All right then, thank you.", the waiter walked away quickly, and picked up the magical pints, and gave them to the 'couple'.

"Thank you.", they both generously said. "Your very welcome.", the waiter walked away.

"So... what do you have in mind... so far?", Cole asked, sipping his butterbeer. "Uhm, nothing really... why?"
"Awh, nothing. I was just asking."
"Oh.", she felt an odd silence, and soon her breath was at a hitch. Cole was staring at her intently. "M'ione, you okay?"
Then the image of Ron snogging on Lavender formed right before her eyes, and the tears started brimming on her eye-lids.
Coles eyes widened. "M'ione....", and sat next to her, hugging her. "You know you can tell me everything...", he said to her calmly, and kiss the top of her head. "I know...", her voice broke, and he was holding back some tears, but some tears did fall on her cheek.
"Then tell me..."
"I liked Ron.... for sometime now, and I didn't have the guts to ask him out, so now... I lost my chance. Ever since I saw that snog, I can't get it out of my head."
His eyes were now a level of hers, "So what do you think of Ron now then? I mean, do you still like him as a friend... or no?",
"Hes a complete prick. And arsehole. I can't believe him!", she whispered haughtily. He bit his lip, and kissed her cheek lightly. "Then ask him before the time really runs out."
Hermione looked up at him, and made a small smile. "But I don't want to. I already found a guy."
Coles heart was thumping. His mind was racing with excitement. "Who?", he managed to say.

"You...", she said slowly. He was about to faint. "Ohh...", he broke off. Blushing, 'wait guys don't blush! ' but he made a smile to her, then there was this awkward silence between them.
"Do you feel the same way?", Hermione asked, "i mean I completely understand if you don-"
Cole cut her off, "I feel absolutely the same way. I swear to you.", he said quickly.
Hermione made a smile now. She was feeling rather giddy now, but Cole is way cuter then Ron by a long shot. But how will Harry react if he finds out?

"You want to be my girlfriend?", he asked sheepishly. His voice was trailing off, but his heart was racing faster then a super speed horse.
"Yes.", she whispered in his ear. And that tickled came back to his nerves. He loved that feeling, the feeling being near her, was completely amazing. He didn't know how guys could handle it.

What do you think so far? Getting good? <333333 *sends virtual cookies*

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4Updated Re: typical life on Tue Feb 02, 2010 10:42 pm


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
-takes the cookie-

ooeeh. this is soooo nice <3. more when you can!

5Updated Re: typical life on Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:21 pm


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
Cole took a sip from his butterbeer, taking out all of the nervousness he was getting in his body. Hermione noticed that Cole was shaking. "You all right?", she asked.
"Yeah...", he took another sip. "just hot in here, thats all."
She was beyond confused, "Isn't it freezing cold?", she giggled.
Cole smiled anxiously, and put his pint down.
"Ready to go?", he asked quickly, getting his coat on. Hermione nodded, and looked around. Seeing if Harry, or Ron came here too.

As soon they went out of the Three Broom Sticks, Hermione was in deep thought over the whole Voldemort thing.
"Have you heard anything from Harry, Cole?", She asked, wrapping her arms around his. "No...", he gently said. "Well, Harry has been with Dumbledore more than I can count my fingers on, and I wonder what they are both up to."
Cole sniffed her vanilla shampoo, he loved this sent on her. "Dunno."
"But... I bet its about, Voldemort you know? I mean... Harry has been having some nightmares, and his scar would usually burn.", she quietly whispered to him. "And he hasn't been talking to me lately..."
Cole stopped his tracks. "Why not?",
"I have no idea. And I want to find out why, but I usually have homework to do and-",
Her lips were captured by Coles, lightly kissing her again. He sucked on her bottom lip, and played with it with his teeth. "Your such a bad boy...", Hermione gently let go. Giggling.
Cole smirked, and kissed her cheek, smiling through the kiss.

"Harry!", Ron bellowed through the Gryffindor common room. Harry didn't flinch, and kept reading the 'Half-Blood Prince book'.
"There you are, mate. Been looking all over for you!", Ron chuckled, and sat down next to him. "Have you seen Hermione?", he asked.
"No...", Harry shook his head slowly. "Hunh. Harry, did Hermione see me kiss Lavender?"
Harry sighed, and closed the fragile book, and looked at him. "Yes."
Ron's eyes widened to horror. "Mate, what if she hates me? And she wants to kill me?"
Harry rolled his eyes, and yawned.
"These girls are going to kill me Harry.", Ron looked around the red couch. Seeing if the girls were eyeing the red head at all.
"Especially, Hermione...", Ron muttered.

Hermione walked in the common room, and saw Ron and Harry sitting together, like they always do. "Hey guys!", Hermione basically yelled. They both turned around, and Ron was hiding from her.
Cole came in just after a few minutes, and sat down on the other couch. "Hey, Cole.", Harry welcomed. "Oh hey.", he smiled at Hermione sitting next to him. "Don't tell me...", Ron muttered bitterly. Looking at Cole and Hermione. "you guys are dating."
Hermiones brows furrowed, "What does it matter to you?"
Harry palmed himself. "'Cause you don't know how he is!", he protested. "I know perfectly well, of who he is, and how he is, Ronald!", she countered. "Really? How do you know that?"
"I've known Cole, since First Year, I was sitting next to him on the train the whole time."
Ron was taken aback, "Pssh, yeah right! We've only known Cole and his brother since Third Year."
Hermione was about to slap the crap out of him, but Cole had her back. "Your just being a prick, so grow up, dude.", Cole spat.
"Screw you!"
"Enough!", Harry stood up. "I'm trying to read, and all you guys do is argue. Gosh, you guys are immature."
Ron rolled his eyes, "Fuck this, I'm going to see Lavender."

Dylan walked along the corridor, and saw Draco Malfoy walking along the halls. "Malfoy!", Dylan called. Malfoy turned around, his blonde hair slightly swept back, and his gleaming gray eyes were not a warm welcome. But only if you wanted to ride with the snake of course (ahem).
"Have you seen my brother?", Dylan asked, brushing his Slytherin robes. "No. But seriously, your robes need work. For us Purebloods we have nothing to do with filth. But, since I am your friend. I can help you.", he smiled, patting Dylans back.
"So... what do you think about Hermione this year?", Dylan questioned his friend. Malfoy scoffed, "That filthy mudblood? Hah, she is as ugly she can get. She deserves muddy clothes. But when she is with Pothead, and Weasel. I guess that just turns that nasty pile of shit of her, to-"
"Can you please not talk to her like that!? I mean c'mon! Lay off of her for a bit, and see a whole new side of her. Its the least you can do man."
Malfoy groaned. "Whatever, sure shes cute."
Dylan raised his brows. "Really?"

Oh yeah!!! Getting good? <333333's *sends more virtual cookies*

6Updated Re: typical life on Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:41 pm


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
awesome. Cole and Hermione? Nice combo. love this. more!

7Updated Re: typical life on Wed Feb 03, 2010 12:44 am


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Senior SPBF Member

8Updated Re: typical life on Wed Feb 03, 2010 12:48 am


SPBF GFX Designer
SPBF GFX Designer
aasshhlleeyy. wrote:LOVEE THIS!!! ;D
im gonna support this couple for sure. Razz


9Updated Re: typical life on Wed Feb 03, 2010 12:54 am


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Senior SPBF Member
haha meee too xD

10Updated Re: typical life on Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:09 am


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SPBF Newbie
oehoeeh! i am supporting too!

i love this, moreeeee? -puppy eyes!-

11Updated Re: typical life on Wed Feb 03, 2010 6:42 am


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SPBF Newbie
this is really good. More when you can. Cant wait!

12Updated Re: typical life on Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:35 pm


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SPBF Newbie
Harry woke up to a dizzy, and woozy morning. His head buzzing and everything started to whirl around him. Was he feeling lightheaded?
So he got up, and put his glasses on. Rubbing his short hair back. And yawned. As soon as he got dressed, he saw Cole playing a smile to his lips.

"Whats with you?", Harry joked, leaning on the bed pole. Cole bit his lip, "Shes wonderful, huh?",
Somehow when Cole said 'Hermione', liked that made him feel very scared. "Yeah... sure mate."
Cole sat up, leaning on his elbows. "I mean, c'mon Harry? You haven't noticed that Hermione is a girl? Becoming a woman?", he joked.
Harry honestly, didn't know what to say. He just shrugged it off, "I only liked Hermione as a sister. And only that."
"C'mon now? I won't get mad or anything dude."
Harry sighed, and took a deep breath. He did notice Hermione changing. How curvy her body is, how her hair is more straighter, and her brunette hair... isn't brunette anymore. Its blonde.
"I mean, her hair is nice though."
Cole gave him a 'are you really serious' look. "I don't know mate. I just see her as a sister. But Ron is different. You should go talk to him about it."
Coles eye-brows raised. "What are you kidding?", he said, getting the blanket off of him, and changing into his Gryffindor sweater. "that prick? Hell no. Hes pathetic.", he drawled.
Harry nodded, and changed into his robes, and walked with Cole into The Great Hall.

Hermione was reading her Daily Prophet paper, until Ginny gently pushed her arm to notice Cole. Hermione furrowed her brows, and smiled at him, and waved. He waved back, and flipped his hair. Noticing Hermione was giggling at him. Cole sat across from her from the long wooden-marble table. Harry sat next to her, and Ron sat next to Ginny.
"Did you guys shag yet? Or you guys are waiting for the moment?", Ron said bitterly to Hermione and Cole. Cole rolled his eyes, and made a scowl. Ron didn't budge, but instead, he gave a dirty look to him.
"Don't give my boyfriend any dirty looks. He didn't do anything to you.", Hermione spat. Ron turned to her. "Oh be quiet! You bloody bookworm bint! You and that stupid 'draco twin', ferret were shagging on the couch I bet you."
Hermione was disgusted, her fists her clenched, and she was about to batter him up. "Shut up!", Cole yelled, scowling at him. "Why should I?", Ron questioned darkly. "Because, you do not call her a bint in front of me. And to top it all, your research hasn't been updated yet. Because, we haven't 'shagged'. Nor we ever will.", he spat just as darkly.
Harry walked over to Ron, and grabbed him by the collar. "C'mon.", he ordered. Ron didn't budge. Mouthed, 'FUCK YOU GRANGER!', to Hermione.

After she saw that, her eyelids were brimming up with tears. Cole walked ran quickly to her, and sat next to her, hugging her. "M'ione, why is he being such a jerk for?", he asked, kissing her head.
"I don't know.", she sobbed on his chest. She knew that Quidditch was making Cole having really toned and lean abs, chest, and Hermione can feel them through the sweater.
She liked having this guy around her, it made her special, more importantly. Loved in every way.

Ohmy. lol, so what do you guys think so far? Don't worry HBP is still in contact with this fan fic. Because, I just don't want to make this into a Romance fic, I want to make it in a Adventure, Romance fan fic. And yes, it will continue to DH to the end of DH if your wondering. Very Happy

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SPBF Newbie
Coles embrace was wonderful. Him being warm, and completely having toned abs were making Hermione squirm in her seat. She bit her lip, the ongoing dirty thoughts that were drifting in her mind was terrible. But it was Cole touching her in the places that would show her modesty, but then her dream last night was completely out of the question, even Ginny would raise her brows. But then again, Hermione kept it to her self. Like always.

"You okay?", Cole asks, looking in her eyes. She sobbed again, the images of Ron were flooding in her brain again, and she cried harder on Coles chest every time. "Babe.", he said gently, "don't cry. Please? It hurts enough when you cry in front of me. Then I'll cry...", she can hear his voice breaking, and that made her look up. She smiled wryly at him, and kissed his cheek softly. Cole eyes were watery, just the sight of her was beautiful, dazzling. Everything about her was amazing. He wiped her tears with his thumbs, and saw her smile again.

Ginny cleared her throat, and made the couple brightly awake from their staring. "You guys do know that the bell rung... right?",
Hermione's eyes widened with horror, and Cole just looked surprised.
"Shit! I need to get to class!", Hermione cursed severely, and kissed Cole's right cheek, getting her bag, and cloak. "I'll wait for you..", he smiled at her. "Okay. Miss you.", she said, but she really wanted to say, 'I love you..', but she couldn't, it would make things go fast, way too fast.
Cole smiled brightly when she left, and he ran up to the Gryffindor common room, and saw Harry panting heavily.
His brows were raised, and he went over to Harry. "You okay man?", he asked softly. Harry looked up at him. "Why do you bloody care?"
He knew that Harry wasn't himself, maybe Voldemort is controling him again?
Harrys body shuddered, and twitched. He was on the floor, on all fours, crawling. Cole was there speechless, and confused.
"You need help, Harry. I'll go get Madam Promfrey for you.", he crouched down next to Harry, who was stumbling on crawling.
"No...", his sounded deep, His eyes narrowed on Coles. "not from a muggle like you!"
Cole backed away, from his scary voice. But he noticed there were dark circles around his eyes, and it seemed to be golden. "Harry, come on! Snap out of it!", he yelled. Clenching his fists. Harry then shuddered again, and collapsed on the wooden floor.

14Updated Re: typical life on Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:21 pm


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SPBF Newbie
The bell rang. And Cole was scared, for his friend... and everybody else. He saw his aurora (which was the colour blue) form into his patrnous. Cole heard a voice behind the Fat Lady, and he was standing, staring at Harry. Confused, nervous, and mostly... afraid of Harry. This isn't like Cole, not at all. Then the portrait swung open, and a gasp, he heard was Hermione's. She was speechless, and her eyes were becoming full of tears. "M'ione... Harry-",
"What happened!", she demanded, staring at Cole with fury.
Cole was hesitant, making it look like a bad scene. "I didn't do anything. Harry looked like he was being possessed again."
Her features softened, and she cried over to Cole. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and held her there. "We need to help him.", he said, kissing her head softly.
"Malfoy...", Dylan sat next to him in potions. Draco Malfoy smirked, "Haven't seen your brother."
"Does it matter to you?"
"Haah, coming to think of it now. You and your brother aren't as annoying as those Weasley twins. Impressed, I'd say."
Dylan Sprouse rolled his eyes, and sighed, "Why do you think of that, all of the sudden?",
"Because you and your brother are a lot more mature, then they are.", he said the last words with disgust, and venom.
"I don't understand...", Madame Promfrey shook her head. "he's always getting hurt, in one way."
Hermione lightly laughed, as too did Cole.
"But then again, this is different isn't it?", Hermione said. Cole looked at her, and made a shy smile. "Right.", Promfrey check the clock, and shooed the kids away.

"We really need to know what going.", Hermione walked around the Common room fiercely. "it's like... Harry has been ignoring us... this whole time! I mean...", she trailed off.
"Look...", Cole stated, "we're just his friends, and he just wants to protect us. I understand that."
"But from what?!", she voice was in a octave. Cole sighed, and slouched on the red couch. "Babe, your just tired, and plus it was really a long day."
Hermione giggled over his sensitivity. So she sat down next to him. Cole wrapped his arms around her body, and they snuggled. Hermione slow breaths were becoming slower and slower, and this caught Coles attention.
"M'ione? You okay?"
"Yeah... just tired."
Soon enough sleep drowned over in Hermiones hard working body, and Cole was smiling to him self.
His eyes fluttered closed, and his breaths were also becoming slower, and slower. His eyes hit to the brink of darkness, and Cole drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

15Updated Re: typical life on Wed Feb 10, 2010 10:54 pm


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SPBF Newbie
holy coley moley! THAT WAS A LOT!!! more!

16Updated Re: typical life on Thu Feb 11, 2010 7:23 pm


SPBF GFX Designer
SPBF GFX Designer
That was cute. How they snuggled, and you made it in so much detail how they were going to sleep too. Gosh. I love this. more!


17Updated Re: typical life on Thu Feb 11, 2010 8:30 pm


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SPBF Newbie
im addicted to this. more when you can girl Very Happy

18Updated Re: typical life on Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:14 am


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Senior SPBF Member
this is soooo good! ;D

19Updated Re: typical life on Tue Feb 16, 2010 5:06 pm


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SPBF Newbie
Radiant, please more! this is getting addicting. I was so disappointed that you stopped... right there! lol

but more when you can Smile

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