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win a date with cole sprouse!

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1win a date with cole sprouse! - Page 2 Empty win a date with cole sprouse! on Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:20 am


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SPBF Newbie
First topic message reminder :

Point of view
Mainly Isobel
You know those kinds of dreams where anything is possible? The kinds of dreams of which you wish to never wake up from again.
What happens if you get the chance to live up your dreams?
I do not own the sprouse brothers.
Author’s notes
This is not meant to be a long story, it was just something that popped into my mind.


chapter 1 - page 1
chapter 2 - page 1
chapter 3 - page 1
chapter 4 - page 1

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26win a date with cole sprouse! - Page 2 Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:42 am


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SPBF Newbie
hahaha. seriously you guys make me laugh <3.

@guitarfreak (sorry i don't know your real name) hahaha. thanks you rock too <3!

We walked through the crowded streets of L.A. It was near dinner time and everyone was in a rush to get home from work.
'I'm hungry.' Cole whined.
Normally, I would just roll my eyes at such statement and make a bitchy remark. But I couldn't blame him, this time my stomach was in a heavy protest because it hadn't had food since lunchtime. 'Me too.'
'There's a McDonalds.' He pointed to the famous yellow M and then giving me a hopeful look. How could you ever ignore that puppy face? He was just too beautiful and cute to resist.
'Oh yes! Let's go there!' I said excitedly. In contrary with other girls my age, I was a fan of fastfood. And that's probably why Cole gave me a weird look.
I nodded. 'Yeah, t's been ages. Mum doesn't like me going there, the fastfood isn't healthy. Jemma resents that place, it makes her get fat and let her face break out. And Amy avoids that place ever since she threw up there.'
'She threw up?' Cole chuckled.
I nodded, smiling at the thought of it as we walked into the fastfood restaurant and stood in the queue. 'We were all pretty drunk on a night out and decided it was time for a midnight snack. And it turned out that alcohol and fries weren't a that good combination for Amy. It in the McDonalds near our school, but she believes that they sent a Wanted picture with her face stuck on it out to every restaurant in and around L.A.'
Cole laughed loudly, pulling people's attention with his infectious laugh. I joined in with his laughing too. You couldn't not laugh when you heard his laugh.
'You know, Dylan did kinda the same thing in the studio.' He said, catching some air again. 'Ever since he threw up all over the dressing room, Dad never allows him to eat anything greasy before big shows anymore. I think Amy and Dylan would get on well, share some embarrassing stories.' Cole laughed.
'Of course they'd get on well.' I thought. 'Except the fact that Dylan’s fucking Lilly. The wrong person.'
Before I could open my mouth to answer, the person before us had his menu and now it was our turn. Both of us ordered a Big Mac. He carried the plate up the stairs to the top floor. I walked behind him and thanked God for creating such a fine ass.
We took a table in the farrest corner so we could sit there in all privacy.
Fact: the McDonalds menus are too big for me.
Fact: the way Cole shoves his fries in his mouth and then licks his lips, brings up the do-me-right-here-right-now kinda thoughts.
Fact: I need a mental slap for thinking shoving fries in your mouth is a turn-on.
I watched Cole finishing my fries as it was too much for me. I probably must've been staring a little too long. 'Is there something?' He asked after swallowing loudly.
I smiled lightly and shook my head. 'Or yes... It's prom Friday night and I'm really not looking forward to it.'
He gave me a weird look. 'Why not? I thought every girl was looking forward to it a whole year. You know, looking for the perfect dress, high heels, hairdo like on the red carpets...'
I laughed and shook my head. 'You've been watching too much Sweet Sixteen I guess. But yes, every girl looks out to it. The girls who have a date to go with, a dress to wear. The girls who have a reason to go.'
Cole wasn't eating anymore and just stared at me numbly. I realized I just kinda asked him to come with me. 'That doesn't mean you have to come with me, I mean...' I sighed deeply. 'I'm not that kind of girl.'
He sighed too and smiled. 'Everything will be ok. When is your afternoon off?'
'Thursday.' I answered confused. 'Why?'
'You're going shopping with Amy. And no buts.' He said as I opened my mouth to say something. 'Find a suitable dress for prom and if you do that, I promise I'll be there.'
My lips formed an “o”. Was he serious? Was he really saying that...? Was he fucking serious? 'But- But-' I trailed off.
Cole placed a finger on my lips and leaned over the table for a kiss. 'But that does mean I'll get something in return. Passing any interesting lingerie shops by accident?'

27win a date with cole sprouse! - Page 2 Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:44 am


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SPBF Newbie
anndd. here is another part because the last part was pretty booooring.

'Cinemas?' I asked as we stood a few meters away from the cinema, his fingers still linked with mine.
Cole nodded and flashed me a smile. 'Cinemas. I haven't bought tickets yet so we can still decide which ever movie we wanna see.'
'You're not buying anything.' I said as I reached out to my shoulderbag to get out my wallet. 'It's on me now.'
But he grabbed hold of my wrist and turned my body so I was standing right infront of him. He slid his hand down 'till he reached the palm of my hand and then linked fingers. 'Izzy, I'm not letting you pay for anything. You are my date and the groundrules of taking a girl out are that the guy pays for everything.'
I groaned. 'But I feel like I'm using you.'
He chuckled and leaned in to kiss my lips, his soft lips touching mine sent shivers down my spine. 'You're not. At least not yet, you can use me for something completely different tonight.'
I bit my lip. 'Oh, I thought we were going to sleep.'
He raised his eyebrows. 'Is that so, Miss Bass?'
'Isn't that what you should use a bed for?' I asked as I gave him a playful look.
'You want me to show what you can use a bed for?' He whispered and stepped in closer to me, letting go of my hands and placing them on my hips. My body stiffened, getting excited that he was standing so close to me. As he stared me deep in the eyes, I licked my lips and tried to focus on his lips. But his eyes were too hard to escape.
'Shouldn't - in?' I whispered, barely able to bring out words and trying to get away from this uneasy moment.
He chuckled, but his breathing stoked as I stepped into him even more. Making him have a right feel of my boobs. 'Maybe it's... Time...To go in.' He breathed heavily.
He stepped back and immediately I fell a loss. A loss of his warmth, which I didn't need on a hot spring day, but missed it anyways. He took my hand again and we walked in the building, deliberating which movie we could go and see.
'I want no horror, Cole.' I pouted. It was a fact that when I saw a horror, I had sleepless nights. Or I fell asleep and woke up somewhere in the middle of the night, bathing in sweat.
'Horror is eliminated then. No cheesy chickflicks either.' Cole stated.
I rolled my eyes. 'There's nothing cheesy about them. But ok, you win. They're eliminated too.'
'What about that one?' He pointed at a poster of a dancemovie. 'It's made by the Wayan brothers. Can't be that bad?'
I frowned. 'Dance Flick? A combination of Step Up, Save The Last Dance & Hairspray... I don't know how that can sound good, but ok.'
Cole grinned like a little kid who just got promised his lollypop. 'Come on.' He pulled me towards the tickets desk and we patiently waited before it was our turn. Another 5 minutes 'till the movie started after we had our tickets.
'Popcorn?' Cole offered, looking down at his watch before glancing back over to me.
I smiled and nodded. 'Sure.' I followed him to the popcorn bar and watched him buy a large popcorn.
Where in the hell was he going to put that after the amount of food he had in McDonalds? Boys will be boys. Why can't they come with a manual?
'Come on, Izzels.' He said, jerking my hand to come with him towards the movie hall.
I stood still and raised my eyebrows at him. 'Izzels?' I questionned. No one has ever called me Izzels before. Not even my closest friends or parents.
Cole rolled his eyes. 'Alright then. Come on, Isobel.'
'You're so going to pay for that.' I laughed, catching up with him as he was a few steps before me.
'When?' He asked, wiggling his eyebrows.
'Wait and see, Mitchell.' I pulled his hand this time. 'Come on or we'll be late. And I really don't wanna miss a Wayan brothers' movie.'
Turned out the movie wasn't that bad, in fact, it was rather funny. Some parts were lame, totally copied from the original movies. But others had an original twist.
Though, I was more focussed on Cole. I kept glancing sideways and smiled when he smiled at the movie. His smile was beautiful. I heard everyone laugh and decided it was time for the movie again, for a while.
Just when the movie had drawn my attention again, I felt Cole 's hand softly roaming my leg. It went higher and higher up as he increased the pressure. I bit my bottom lip, I had to control myself from not kissing him and probably doing lots more.
From the corner of my eyes, I noticed Cole still had his eyes glued to the screen. His hand moved up even more and his fingers started making circular patterns in-between my legs. I closed my eyes and breathed heavily.
Damn it, Cole Sprouse. Why are you playing me like your guitar in the middle of a room full of people? People who had their attention on the movie. Who wouldn't notice if we...
I shook my head hardly noticeable. Fuck Izzy, you can't be thinking about doing Mr. Do-me-hard when there are kids in the room too!
Again he increased the pressure as he stepped off the circular pattern and now moved up and down. With my eyes still stuck on the screen, I moved my hand to his legs and started roaming it too. Slowly making my way up. His steady breathing accelerated and I felt him lean in on my arm, his hot breath tickling my ear as he sucked on my earlobe. I jerked my head sideways so I could capture his lips.
The movie didn't matter anymore. All that mattered was Cole.
Cole and his lips soft as feather.
His hands that knew just how to touch a girl.
His sweet scent I could get high on for an eternity.
I parted my lips a little and let his tongue slide in while I massaged it with mine. His hand moved from inbetween my legs to my breast and he started moulding it.
I had to break away before things would get too hot and heavy. I took my hand away and placed it on his chest, pushing him away softly.
'What the hell?' Cole stared at me in a shocked way. Luckily his remark fitted the scene so no one looked our way.
I was still breathing heavily with my eyes closed, letting my body relax a little from the sexual tense. I held my hand up, motioning him to give me a second.
'Oh.' Cole chuckled.
'Not funny, Cole.' I whispered.
'Oh shit, we're out of popcorn.' Cole remarked in a loud whispering voice.
I snapped my eyes open, looking at the popcorn bowl. I don't know why I fell for that, it was still half full.
'You come with me to get new popcorn?' Cole whispered, again in the same louder tone.
Before I could protest, he pulled me out of the seat, dragging me towards the exit.
'Cole.' I whined once outside. 'I wanted to see the end.'
Again, he wasn't listening to me. He pushed me against the wall and placed his big hands each on a side of my head, boxing me in. His lips caught mine and immediatly made me forget about the movie once again. I grabbed a fist full of his shirt and pulled him even closer in to me, deepening the kiss.
This time it was Cole 's turn to break away. 'Let's make a very good use of my bed at home...'

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SPBF GFX Designer
SPBF GFX Designer
can you please do the next one right now! PLZ!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! its such a cliff hanger omg. but that was hot. and dance flick is pretty funny too. lol pLZ more more more plz!???

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SPBF Newbie
hahaha ofcourse i cannn!

We hopped out of the car as soon as he pulled up on the drive. I quickly walked to his side where he placed his hands on my hips and swirled me around so my back was against the car. He pushed himself into me as our lips met. He grinded his hips into me, brushing his hard cock to my private parts. How much I wanted this, him. It was just growing dark and people could perfectly see that it were two adult people getting it on. It was even light enough to stick a face and name to those two adults. And as I wasn't planning on giving his neighbours some free porn or giving the paparazzi their juicy story, I had to break it off. Again.
'Cole.' I mumbled onto his lips.
'Yes?' He mumbled back. He digged his hips into me again, making me let out a small moan.
I tilted my head back a little and took in some air. 'Let's continue this inside... I don't want to show off my knickers to the rest of the world again.'
Cole chuckled but nodded. 'Sure.' He took my hand and almost literally dragged me to his frontdoor. As he searched for the right key and then tried to get it into the keyhole, which apparently was a whole job noticing his shaky hands. I gave myself a moment to relax and deliberate.
Calm, Izzy, relax. It's only sex. You've been almost there a few times already the last two days. Exactly, almost. That's the keyword. I haven't been there completely, like completely in his pants. This time it wasn't an almost-fuck or “only” getting satisfaction by the touch of his hand. Now it was time for the full-on-full sex scene. Not only his hand was going to touch me all over my body, but his whole naked body. And if that one particular bodypart could perform the same kind of miracles as his hands already could... Oh God, don't even let me think about it. Let's just say that he could bring me into another state of mind.
Cole finally opened the door and lead me in the hallway. 'Want to drink something first?'
I raised my eyebrows. Now that's a weird question when we could immediatly start up the heat again.
'It's goin' to be a long, long night.' He explained. 'At least, if you can last that long.'
'You can count on that.' I giggled. 'The question is, how long can you last?'
He snaked his arms around my waist and pecked me on the lips. 'We'll only have to find out, don't we?'
His hot breath tickled on my skin and I completely surrendered, he pushed me against the closed livingroom door and crashed his lips onto mine. My hands ran over his back up and down and he pushed himself into me.
'Please, please.' I begged in a shaky voice. I was more than ready for this. All the doubts I had earlier, flooded out of my mind. This was it. This was the moment. Nothing could disturb us anymore. Now it would happen, for real. His dingedong was going to guide me to heaven.
And I seriously had to stop talking shit.
I softly bit his bottom lip which he took as an invitation to place his hands on my body, more particulary, my breasts. His body was so close to me that I could feel his hard cock brushing against my thighs. My hands moved down to his thight, black jeans, slipping my orange manicured fingers under the rim. He moved his one hand down and unbuckled the jeans, doing my job. But I knew just what he wanted and I was going to give it to him. I slipped my hand in his boxers and took a tight grip on his penis. I slowly moved my hand up and down as he let out a moan of delight, he stopped all actions and panted heavily. Then he moved his hands up to my blouse and started unbuttoning it, exposing my bright pink bra-covered breasts. Because my black pants were halfway up my belly and blocking his way to get my blouse off, he unbuttoned it too and pulling them down with one swift movement. I removed my hand from his boxers and took the rim of his tshirt, toring it off over his head and threw it wide away. I don't know where it landed and I didn't care either.
Cole placed his large hands on my ass, and I jumped up, wrapping my legs around his waist tightly so I could keep his pants up as he carried me up the stairs. I noticed my private parts were close to his. But I didn't care. The closer, the better.
Next thing to do on the list: loose all the barriers, take off the clothes.
I ran my hands through his hair time after time as he kicked the door open with his foot. He dropped me on the bed and climbed on top of me, kissing every inch of skin within reach. He started on my nose, leaving a soft kiss on my lips and trailed down to my collarbone with kisses. His eyes rested on my breasts and he shook his head lightly.
I raised my eyebrows. 'What?' I whispered.
'Still too much clothings...' Cole replied. I lifted my back up a little and let him slide off my blouse. Then his hands wiggled under my back and undid the clasp of my bra. He moved his hands back from under my body with the ends of my bra between his fingers, sliding it off delicately. My bra flung to some far corner as his lips softly touched my breasts. Then he continued his path down, to the rim of my panties.
His eyes looked back up to me. 'Hello Kitty?'
I bit my bottom lip and shrugged my shoulders, throwing him an innocent look.
Danny chuckled lightly before placing a kiss on the Hello Kitty drawing on my panties. 'Let me say hello to the kitty.' And with that, he grabbed the rim and tore them down, exposing my private parts completely. While he was still wearing his pants and boxers.
He, again, kissed me on the place where Hello Kitty had just been and then made the same path of kisses back up to my lips.
'Your pants.' I breathed heavily. If I was getting naked, so was he. So I took his unbuckled pants in my hands and pulled them down together with his boxers. He kicked them off with his feet and leaned down on me. His naked body leaned down on me. On me.
'Please, let me.' He panted, his hands roamed up and down my sides. I nodded, letting him know I was ok. With placing my hands on his back, digging my nails in his skin as he pushed himself into me, I letted him know it was more than ok. First he moved slowly but then his rythm increased as we both settled onto eachother.
He stiffled a moan as he leaned his head in my neck. His hands were on my breasts, giving it gentle squeezes.
'Yes, please, yes.' I moaned loudly, trying to push him closer to me with my legs wrapped around his waist and my hands on his back. But he was just too strong as he leaned on his arms above me. His hot breath condensed on my skin as he went harder and harder. I moaned loudly again, this man brought me to heaven. We both reached our climax and he leaned his head in my neck again, placing a kiss from time to time as we both breathed heavily. His hands were still on my breasts. I don't know how long we layed like this, but it felt good being in his embrace. Then he lifted his head up and brought his lips to mine.
'Thank you.' He said.
I ran my fingers through his hair and smiled lightly. 'No, thank you.'
His hands moved to my ass, lifting my lowerbody up a bit and his head lowered. First leaving gentle kisses up and around my breasts, then softly sucking on my nipple.
I arched my back in pleasure, my breathing accelerated again. This man was beyond words.
'Want to go again?' Cole asked in a teasing voice. His words were drowned in excitement and lust, no doubt about it that he wanted that. And hell, the way that boy just did it to me, I was never saying no to that again.
'Only if we switch positions. You lie down, it's my turn now.'

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SPBF GFX Designer
SPBF GFX Designer
ohmy. more. they making babies! lolz <3 more plz plz plz plz plz plz!!!

31win a date with cole sprouse! - Page 2 Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Sat Jan 30, 2010 1:46 am


Senior SPBF Member
Senior SPBF Member
lovee this! (:

32win a date with cole sprouse! - Page 2 Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:37 am


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SPBF Newbie
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! more more mor eeee!!!!!!!!


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SPBF Newbie
wieeh thanks honeyss! here is the next part!

I woke up with 2 strong, arms embracing me from behind. It took me a few seconds to realize where I was. Cole's room. In Cole's arms. The place where I fell asleep after the most amazing sex I have ever had. Not that I could base on a lot of experience. But there's no doubt about it that no one could ever top this off. This man did things to me, to my body, that even my mind couldn't have come up with in the naughtiest times. It was all beyond words.
As it was starting to set into me where I was and why, I noticed the absence of my clothes... And Cole's clothes. We were both bare naked, not even covered by blankets. His room was already warm when we stumbled in, but last night's events had totally heated the place up even more. I was surprised the room wasn't still filled with steam.
And now I was desperately hoping that he didn't have a cleaning maid who checked his room in inapropriate times. Or... Oh. My. God! Dylan! He could apparently barge into Cole’s room whenever he wanted at whatever time. What if he checked in the room and saw us lying here, completely naked. I'm sure he could dot the i's and figure out what happened here last night. It wasn't hard to get the scene together when there were 2 naked people, a trail of clothes from down the stairs to next to the bed and Cole's arms on my boobs.
I turned around and cosied up to Cole's side. I felt his embrace thighten, pulling me closer to his naked body.
'G'morning b'ty.' He groaned in a sleepy voice and kissed the top of my head.
I didn't want to open my eyes. Fearing that all of it would've been a beautiful dream. I was scared that if I opened my eyes, I would find myself lying back in my own, comfortable bed, snuggling up to my teddybear instead of Cole Sprouse. But as I felt his hands slid down to my ass, giving it a gentle squeeze. It would be very hard to believe that my Mr Fluffington would be doing that. This wasn't a dream. It was reality.
I slowly opened my eyes and faced Cole through squinted eyes to keep the bright sunlight out.
Sunlight? Fuck, how late was it? It was a Tuesday, a school day!
'Cole, what time is it?' I asked worried.
I was hoping he would say 7.30, but no. 'Time for sex.' He mumbled with his eyes still closed.
I rolled my eyes and playfully smacked his arm. 'Seriously!'
'Ow!' He snapped his eyes open and then digged his hips into me as a payback. His cock was again very close to where I wanted it to be.
Don't you do that again, Mr Sprouse. Not in times like these. Not in times where our naked skins are connected and your magic stick is poking right into me. You don't want to know how my body will react to it. The touch of his hands, his skin, him, caused some chemical reaction within me, results still unknown.
'Keep your panties on! Why the rush?' A grin slowly set on his face and his hand roamed my ass up and down again. 'No panties...'
'Cole, school!' I snapped.
Reality hit him instantly and he slowly lifted his head up to look at the time. 'Only nine. Can't you skip today?'
I shook my head. How much I wanted to, I couldn't. If I stayed here, the teachers would note my absence down and let my parents know. That would mean big trouble.
'Not even for me?' He pouted, giving me his cute face.
I smiled slightly and placed a kiss on his shoulder. 'I wish I could, Cole. But I don't want to get into trouble.'
Cole nodded understanding and sighed deeply. 'We'll still have plenty of time to catch up.'
I nodded too. 'Exactly. Can I shower somewhere, please? It feels like I smell like sex.'
He smelled my hair. 'Doesn't smell bad here.' He moved his head down and nuzzled his nose in my neck. 'Nor here.'
I laughed and put my forefinger under his skin, tilting it up. 'It's the best sex smell ever. But I don't want to let everyone know how amazing you are in and out of the bed. They might get jealous'
He smiled and kissed my lips gently. 'It's at the end of the hall. Towels are in the cabinet.'
I nodded and wiggled myself out of his arms. 'See you in a few bits.'
I wrapped a blanket around my naked body and wandered out of the room. I felt Cole's eyes burning on my skin as I walked through the door.
I walked into the bathroom and turned on the hot water of the shower. I stepped under the stream and let the water run down my body. I was completely focused on the water droplets when suddenly a cold wave of air hit me. I turned around and saw Cole standing there, still completely naked. I jumped up and crossed my arms over my chest to cover up my boobs as an instant reaction.
'Cole! What are you doing here?' I squeaked. 'How did you came in?'
'Tony still has to fix the lock on the bathroom door.' He laughed, took a grip on my wrists and pulled them off my body. He checked me out completely, letting a finger slide over my skin from my jawline, over my collarbone, between my breasts and over my belly button down to my innerthighs, where his hand rested for a few seconds. Then he moved his hand back up a little, slowly, deliberately resting onto my private parts a few seconds longer as he lightly increased the pressure there. I shivered slightly, full with excitement.
'Cole?' I said in a soft, shaky voice. I knew what his intentions were. And I couldn't blame him, the whole combination of a boy and a girl, naked, in a small box where it was filled with steam, was a turn-on. And as much as I wanted it too... 'I'm late already.'
His hands snaked around my wet waist, and he softly pushed me against the steamy wall. He bit his bottom lip and stared me deep in my eyes, convincing me to stay here with his eyes. And I just couldn't say no to him.
I leaned myself back against the wall and nodded my head almost unremarkably. This is what he did to me, my body and mind were craving for him. I was willing to risk everything for him, because of him.
Cole stepped into me, brushing his hard package against me before I slowly brought one leg up to wrap around his waist. Allowing him entrance.
Girls are always fashionably late, for a good reason.

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SPBF Newbie
nice! lol. more!

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SPBF Newbie
more omgosh this is good! Very Happy

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SPBF Newbie
love this already, please we need more! Razz

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SPBF Newbie
okay so I just wrote some more stuff. it's a bit boring but the next one will be better I promise!

Cole’s p.o.v.

When she left I called Dylan. I know it’s kinda cheesy to say, but it’s true he’s not only my brother but also my best friend. And I love him to death. He always know how to cheer me up, and boy, I needed a cheer up right now!
+’Yo. Bro wazzup?’ I heard on the other side of the line.
~ ’Yo can you come over here? I need to tell you something?’
+ ‘it’s sounds like you’re not sure, what happened? I thought you liked that girl, men you even went out with her for a second time! You never do that, so what happened?
~ ‘I don’t know, just come over here will ya!’

I knew he would be here in about five minutes. I liked the fact that he lived across the street. When we moved out our parent’s place Dylan and I decided not to live together but we also didn’t want too far away from each other. So that’s why we live in the same street.

‘Hi bro!’ I suddenly heard from the hallway. ‘I’m here’ I yelled back. It took Dylan a few minutes to figure out what “here” meant but he finally found me in the kitchen.
‘so what’s wrong?’ he asked with a worried look on his face. ‘is it something she said or did?’ I shook my head, that was the thing. She didn’t do anything wrong. She is amazing.
‘okay don’t laugh but I think I am falling for her, big time’ Dylan looked at me as if I was crazy.
‘dude, you haven’t had a date for what, six months. You’ve been a wreck since –‘ ‘don’t say her name!’
‘that’s what I mean. You’re not in love. You just think you are because you haven’t had a women around for a really long time. You can’t be in love, I mean how long do you know her, like two days?’ I nodded and started thinking. He was right, I couldn’t be falling for her. She’s just another girl in my bed.
‘So when is your next date with her?’ Dylan asked me ‘next Friday’ ‘okay then you’ll have to dump her! Hey I’ve got to go now. But don’t forget to dump her on Friday!’ and with that he walked away. And I sighed.

Friday night.

Izzy’s p.o.v.

After settling on a simple, form fitting sweater dress which hit right above the knee and boots, I applied simple makeup and let my hair lay in natural waves down my back. When Cole showed up at my door promptly at ten o’clock, I couldn’t wait to get our evening started.
There was a multi-reactionary response to seeing him. He was dressed in black straight legged jeans and a gray v-neck shirt. I had never seen him dressed up so, the sight of him was a delicious thing to behold.
As he greeted me with a hug, his incredible scent embraced me as well. It was the sexiest mixture of Agua di Gio cologne, soap and him. They all smelled amazing, but him…His scent was the most intoxicating to me.
His large, muscular arms held me tight for a moment before he leaned down and firmly pressed his lips to mine. Our bodies instantly relaxed into one another, the comfort we were developing helping to pave the way. The tip of his tongue taunted my bottom lip while his hands began to roam across my back and settled on my *ss.
Feeling restless and eager, I parted my lips slightly to allow my tongue to slide into his mouth. The moment our tongues met, I felt Cole's c**k rise to the occasion, hard and ready, against my leg. Nothing excited me more than knowing I was turning Cole on, and the excitement I felt was making me more and more wet by the moment.
All too soon, he pulled away slightly. “Keep that up and we’ll never get out of here.”
“Is that so wrong?” I pouted.
His hands returned to my waist while still keeping me close. “It’s not wrong at all, but let’s go have some drinks, relax and then I will bring you to my house.”

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nice. MORE!

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SEXY! lol more!

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we need more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more

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what?! Cole is going to dump her!!! OMG! DYLAN!!! lol More when you can.

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Dylan is so mean. Especially when Cole started falling for her. Grr. Dylan is making me mad already. or maybe hes jealous? lol

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bebe; crazy bitch

bebe; crazy bitch
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omg. Jess. you haven't posted in awhile!!! GIRL PLEASE COME ON AND POST!!! lol

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I think shes writing more for the story. Razz

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omg. I juust read this and it's so good,please more!

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hi girls! yesss i'm back. xd i'm soo sorry for letting you guys wait so long. I'm soo bussy with school. because i'm in my last year and because in Holland that's a pretty big thing i had all my attention on school, but now I'm back! i don't know for how long because i'm a week off now, so. but anyways. here is the new chapter!

Enjoy <3

What the f**k was he trying to do to me? Talking like that wasn’t going to get me out the door any faster especially considering I already needed a ShamWow to clean up the wetness he caused between my legs.
One more quick kiss and I surrendered to waiting till later for some action. The man wanted to take me out for drinks, and although I was eager to get naked, it was endearing that he would attempt to treat me like a lady with a date before bringing me home and nailing me.
And take me for drinks, he did. He took me to Crescendo, L.A.’s newest and most exclusive nightclub. We entered through the back, passing the pack of cameras and people. Once we were nestled in a private corner and ordered our drinks, we settled into conversation.
I was oddly comfortable considering the dynamics between us. I was sitting with Cole at a trendy downtown nightclub discussing everything that brought me to L.A. You would expect one to be nervous considering the circumstances, but for whatever reason, I was fully at ease. I felt feelings I hadn’t felt in a long time.
Happiness and Contentment.
When it was his turn to share information, a lot of it was repetition for me from some things I’ve read in magazines. Of course, I didn’t let him know that.
At one point, the waitress brought us another round of drinks, and the whole situation became very surreal.
I was on the other side of the bar.
With my lover.
This realization made the little lady in my panties tingle with anticipation. I didn’t want to waste anymore time. Plus, I didn’t know what his alcohol versus working c**k threshold was, and I wasn’t going to take any chances.
If I wanted to get him out of there quickly, I was going to have to pull out the big guns. Fortunately for me, I witnessed more mating rituals working as a bartender than a National Geographic photographer.
“I don’t think I mentioned it,” I said, placing my hand on his knee. “But you look so sexy tonight.”
He raised his eyebrows. “Why thank you. I’m glad you approve.”
“I more than approve.”
He leaned his head in to me, and just when I thought he was going to kiss me, he tilted his head and placed the kiss on my neck, right below my ear.
“And I more than approve of what you’re wearing or not wearing,” he whispered in my ear.
Still wanting to play it cool and not let him know how turned on I was, I slowly rubbed my hand over his leg before dragging my fingers across his pants and resting it them.
“Speaking of not wearing,” I said seductively. “I may or may not be wearing panties right now.”
His eyes immediately widened, and he drew in a sharp breath. “I f**king knew it.”
“You did, did you? How do you figure that?”
“Earlier. When my hands were all over your *ss. I thought…either she is wearing a very tiny thong or nothing. I decided to go with the tiny thong theory.”
“Because if I let myself believe I was taking you out wearing nothing under that dress, we never would have left.”
And it’s time to go in for the kill.
“Well, now that you know,” I said, inching my hand to his d*ck. “how do you feel?” When the last word left my mouth, I settled my hand firmly on his c*ck.
“How do I feel?” He repeated in a low voice.
He stood up quickly, surprising me with his abruptness. “I feel like I need to get you out of here and immediately in my bed.”
I slowly uncrossed my legs and stood up, my eyes keeping still on his. “There is a lot of space in that house. We used the bed already…tonight…its somewhere else.”
He grabbed my hand and took off towards the front of the bar, both of us trying to get our coats on in the midst of rushing. Luckily when we got outside, there was no line for the valet, and Cole’s car was quickly retrieved. We rushed to get in and when Cole pounded the gas pedal, his tires squealed as he peeled out.
While I’m sure neither of us would condone reckless driving, I was overjoyed he was exceeding the speed limit in hopes of getting us home that much faster. Feeling overly warm from either the heat of the car or the heat of my body, I took my coat off and laid it across my lap. Crescendo hadn’t been too far from The Gardens so, that in combination with Cole ‘s lead foot, had us pulling in to his parking drive.
As soon as he put the car in park, our doors flew up and we both got out simultaneously. I was quickly learning that Cole liked doing the whole ‘gentleman’ routine with the opening and closing of the car door, but in this case, there was no time for chivalry.
We entered the building through the garage. While it was merely for convenience and to shield residents, it was simply a godsend for our impatience. The back door brought us to a small hallway which led directly to the kitchen. Our lips met, and that same fiery energy I still was not used to, lit my insides a fire.
he gently but firmly pushed me into the wall. He unzipped his coat and shrugged out of it quickly, letting it fall to the floor. My coat, which I was holding, was promptly taken from me and tossed to the ground along side his.
Without a word, he ran his hands down my arms and stopped at my wrists. In one fluid movement, he grabbed both my wrists and raised my arms above my head as he stepped in closer to me. He gathered both wrists in one hand and used his now free hand to trace his fingers down the seam of my dress.
Both eagerness and desire overpowered me, and I took his face in my hands and fervently kissed him. Our mouths became perfectly in sync, our tongues meeting together in earnest. His intoxicating taste, his hand curling under the bottom of my skirt, made me moan in rapture.
His lips left me and attacked my neck, while the hand under my skirt was flirting its way up my thigh. When one of his fingers grazed over my wet and throbbing p*ssy, he groaned into the area of my neck he was sucking on.
His head lifted and whispered in my ear. “You are too f*cking wet for me not to get you off right this very second.”
His hand slid right between my thighs, and he palmed me before applying gentle pressure and rocking his hand back and fourth. I leaned my head back against the wall and started moving my hips along with Cole’s rhythmic movements. A soft whimper fell from my lips as he positioned his hand so his finger could massage me, while his synchronized movements were undisturbed.
“Yes,” I moaned softly as tried to push myself further into his magic hands. Any which way I tried to move was hampered by the fact that danny was holding me firmly in place with my wrists held above my head and his other hand between my legs.
“No one is here. No one can hear you,” he whispered in my ear while increasing his pressure and tempo. “I want you to come for me, and let me hear how good I make you feel.”
My quiet whimpers were swiftly exchanged for louder moans because f**k if I didn’t want him to keep going and know just how good he did, in fact, make me feel.
“That’s it. Let me hear you.”
I felt my impending release approaching quickly, and if vocalizing my pleasure encouraged him to keep doing what he was doing, I was going to release it all to him.
“Oh God Cole,” I cried out. “You are so amazing. What you do to me is so amazing.”
“I love hearing your voice so close to coming. It’s so f**king raw and sexy.”
I moaned louder and louder till I knew I was about to orgasm. “Faster, please. Faster and harder,” I pleaded.
He obeyed, and the slight increase in motion was the perfect adjustment to send me over the edge to come powerfully.
“Yes, Cole. Yes!” I screamed as my orgasm overtook me and made me entire body shake.
“F**k,” Cole hissed.
Both our movements slowed as I started to descend from Mt. Orgasm. His grip on my wrist loosened, and as I was freed completely, my arms fell limply to my side.
“Mmm, thank you,” I said lazily.
My freed hands wrapped around his neck, and I leaned forward to kiss him softly. As I pulled away, I rested my head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat rapidly. We held silent and still together till he gingerly withdrew his hand from between my legs and out from under my skirt.
As I lifted my head from his chest, I wrapped my arms around his waist and felt the distinct poke of his member. I looked down and saw his monster erection pressing against the fabric of his pants.
“Looks like you have a major situation with that massive organ of yours, huh?” I questioned.
He shrugged his shoulders. “Nothing that major. It will calm down in a minute.”
I slid my hands around the top of his pants and stopped just short of the top button. “Or I can help it calm down. Why don’t you let me take care of you now?”
“I would love nothing more,” he said brushing a piece of hair away from face. “But I wanted this to be all about you. The sexiest thing for me is knowing that I’m pleasing you.”
“You mean…you don’t…want me to…”
He laughed. “Of course I do, but there is time for that after we finish up one last order of business.”
“And what would that be?” I asked.
“Hot tub.”
The way the corners of his mouth turned up in a mischievous grin and how he had to readjust his package told me everything I needed to know.
Men are so transparent at times.
He didn’t want a hand job in the hallway. He wanted to get me in the hot tub, so he could f**k me there.

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omg. this is the best ever. smex in the hot tub =smexy! lol

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wooohoo, that was... im out of words... but that was hot, I so want more now.

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hottub here we come

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