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win a date with cole sprouse!

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1win a date with cole sprouse! Empty win a date with cole sprouse! on Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:20 am


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
Point of view
Mainly Isobel
You know those kinds of dreams where anything is possible? The kinds of dreams of which you wish to never wake up from again.
What happens if you get the chance to live up your dreams?
I do not own the sprouse brothers.
Author’s notes
This is not meant to be a long story, it was just something that popped into my mind.


chapter 1 - page 1
chapter 2 - page 1
chapter 3 - page 1
chapter 4 - page 1

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2win a date with cole sprouse! Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:22 am


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
chapter 1

'Stop moving around so much.' Jemma groaned and threw a cushion at my head. 'You make it impossible for to focus on the movie.'
I giggled. 'Sowwy! But I need a wee and the movie's too good. I really, really need a weeeeee!'
Nate sighed deeply and reached out for the popcorn bowl that was standing on the saloon table. He quickly sat up and stared at me. 'Djeez, Iz, have you eaten it all?'
If looks could kill... I'd be so dead my now. But he'd bring me back to life against just so I could make him new popcorn.
'Have you really eaten it all?' He asked again, with a look of disbelief on his face.
Before I could answer, Jemma hit me to it. 'Apparently. Her ass is getting humongous and her face is nearly breaking out.'
I rolled my eyes. 'Thanks, Jems. That really boosts up my self-esteem.'
'You know we love you, Izzy. You're still pretty if you're ass has the size of an elephant and your face ressembles the highest mountains ever.'
I patted him on his leg. 'Why thank you, Nate. That's just really sweet of you. See Jemz, Nate would still about me when I'm ugly.'
'Wha-evah.' She waved her hand. 'Can you just now shut the fuck up so I can watch the movie?'

The Blue Lagoon was finished and I zapped through the music channels as Jemma was on my laptop and Nate was using his phone, frantically texting. I was singing along to 'About a Girl' from the Sugababes, when Jemma started laughing loudly. Nate and I stopped our actions to stare at her, giving her weird looks.
'What the?' I asked curiously. Normally she'd just sit there, staring at the screen and be quiet. Letting out a small giggle every now and then, but never have I known her nearly peeing herself over something.
'This is so something for you!' She said, still laughing hysterically.
Nate made the effort to get up and watch the screen and he too started laughing.
'What, guys?' I pleaded. 'Tell me!'
'Come read for yourself.' Nate said pointing at the screen. 'You're right, Jemma. This deffo is something for Izzy.'
I groaned

X factor sprouse

Do you think you got what it takes to be cole sprouse ‘s new girlfriend? Yes, you read it right. I(Dylan) am giving you the chance to win a date with Cole.
So do you think you can handle coles rubbish behaviour, cope with his morning breath or beat him taken the bathroom? Write down why you think you should be his date and email it to If you're the (un)lucky chick, you'll be phoned.
Dylan Sprouse (and a mad Cole In the background!)

My heart skipped a beat.Cole Sprouse was by far the hottest, nicest piece of ass I've ever seen. He was single and apparently tired of it. I was single and wanting him.... In bed, under or on top, the kitchen, the living, … Hell, no matter where. But no way I was going to throw myself into a kiddo-competition. Like petite moi would stand a chance of winning?

3win a date with cole sprouse! Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:47 am


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
My phone and the bell rang at the same time.
'Hello?' I said, picking up my phone first. I hated calling people back, so answering the phone first was a priority in order to keep my mood happy.
'Hello. Am I talking to Isobel Bass?' A male voice sounded from the other side. 'Hmm.' I said in reply as I made my way to the door. 'Good, I'm Dylan Sprouse.'
I froze and stood still with my hand on the knob. ‘Dylan Sprouse, as in suite life on deck, Dylan Sprouse?' I asked in a whispering voice.
The person on the other side laughed. 'Yes, I'm Dylan as in Dylan from the suite life. I called you about that email you sent.'
My mind worked on overload. Email? What email? 'Email?' I voiced my thoughts.
The bell rang again. 'Wait, have a sec?' Without waiting for answer, I covered the speaker and opened the door to a wide grinning Jemma.
'What have you sent to Dylan to make him call me?' I hissed.
Her happy face immediatly turned to an extatic look. Her big brown eyes grew as wide as plates. 'Oh my god, Izzy. Don't tell me he called you!?!'
'He’s calling me right now.' I groaned, annoyed she knew more about it. It would've been nice if she had informed me about this little twist in my single life.
'Say yes! Say yes!' She whispered in an excited voice and flipped her black, straight hair back.
I rolled my eyes. 'What if I don't want to?'
Jemma grabbed hold of my shoulders and looked me in the eyes. 'Isobel Maria Bass, you can not, I repeat, can not tell no to Cole Sprouse.'
I laughed lightly and got back on the phone. Jemma had a good point there. If you'd say no to Cole Sprouse, as in Mr Sex-on-legs, you'd be stupid and blind.’ 'Sorry, someone was at the door.'
'That's ok.' Dylan smiled. I could feel his smiling vibes throughout the phone. 'You have been picked out to be Cole ‘s date. If you're up for it, of course...'
I giggled. 'Yes, of course I'm up for it.'
'Great! Hear that guys?' He must've kept the phone at a distance from his very kissable lips and yelled, to whom I assumed to be Dougie and Harry. 'Someone is that crazy to date Cole! You lost the bet, Harry! You owe me a twenty now!'
I laughed and put the phone on speaker so Jemma could listen to it too. 'Dylan?'
'Oh, sorry. Just wanted to share the news with my friends.' He apologised, probably with a huge grin on his face. 'So... Let's say five tonight?'
I had to think for a second, it was a Sunday night and it'd be school tomorrow. But given this once in a lifetime opportunity, I don't think my mum would forbid me to go. 'Sure.'
'Great! A limo will pick you up.' Dylan answered.
'But wait... How you know where I live?' I quickly wondered. I hadn't mentioned that to him before, so how would he, or well, the driver know where to pick me up? And what do I have to wear?
As if Dylan read my mind, he let a chuckle. 'It was all in the mail, Isobel-'
'Izzy.' I got him off, I hated people calling me with my whole name. Izzy did just fine. 'Do I have to dress up for any occasion?'
'Alright, Izzy.' He repeated my name. 'Just wear something... fancy.'
'Something that make him have a boner, Izzy!' I heard a boy's voice on the background. I rolled my eyes. Like Cole Sprouse would ever get a boner over me?
'Alright, that's settled then I guess.' I smiled.
'Alright, guess so too. Have fun at the date tomorrow, Iso...Izzy.' The blonde quickly changed his words. 'I'm sure it'll work out. Bye.'
After I said my bye, we both hung up. I stared at Jemma, who was standing right infront of me. 'I've got a date with Cole Sprouse today... Tonight at five.'

4win a date with cole sprouse! Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:01 pm


SPBF GFX Designer
SPBF GFX Designer
Oh my! more, this is getting good. Very Happy I love it!

5win a date with cole sprouse! Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:58 pm


Senior SPBF Member
Senior SPBF Member
gaah this is sooo good ! moree!!! (:

6win a date with cole sprouse! Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:39 pm


SPBF GFX Designer
SPBF GFX Designer
C'mon jess!!! Very Happy

7win a date with cole sprouse! Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Tue Jan 26, 2010 8:37 am


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
aah thanks girlies! means a lot <3. anyway. here is the new add (and in case you were wondering. I am from Holland so that's why I add on weird times and that's why my english is pretty rubbish.

'Five? Five?' Jemma stared at me in shock. 'Like in five tonight?'
I nodded. Didn't she hear what I just said? I said that I had a date with Cole Sprouse today, tonight at five. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month. Today.
'It's noon now.' The brown girl said, looking down at her watch. Her face got drained in worryness. 'We're in the shitties, Izzy. We got less than five hours to get you ready and look fuckable fabulicious.'
'Fuckable fabulicious?' I raised my eyebrows. Jemma was a star in making up strange word combinations.
She waved her hand as if it was nothing. 'Just ssh. Listen, you are gonna shower. You need to smell like summer.'
'But it is summer.' I protested. How can you smell like summer when it is actual summer?
'No, in fact it is still spring, Isobel.' She pointed out and shot me a glare. It was confusing, I mean the weather was confusing. People were setting up pools outside already, because the temperatures were warmer than it should be at this time of the year. So yes, it looked like summer but it still was spring.
'How are going to make me smell like summer?' I wondered.
She smiled sweetly. 'You still have that coconut showergel?'
I nodded. 'Then use that one.' She said as if it was as simple as that.
She hushed me to the bathroom as she went to pick out my outfit. I was a disaster at that if I was nervous. And right now, I was shaking of nerves.
I did exactly as she said and rubbed my body with Coconut soap, shampood my hair with my Nivea Diamond Gloss and then washed it all off again. Just before hopping out, I shaved my legs. With the chance of maybe getting some action tonight, this was a must. And perfect sex requires perfectly shaved legs. I got out of the warm, comfortable shower and dried myself off. After slipping on my panties, I wrapped a towel around my body and one up in my longish, goldenbrown hair.
'Jemz, almost done raping my closet?' I yelled from the bathroom. Oh god, how blessed was I not to have mum home right now? She probably would've locked me in my room 'till I'd start using decent words again. That reminded me... I had to leave a note before she and my dad would come back from that family visit. If I wouldn't, they'd be most likely to call the police and start a whole search operation to find me. Being their only child, made them a little too protective...
'Jup, come on out.' Jemma yelled back in reply. I tiptoed quickly through the cold hallway into my warm and cosy room. She eyed my up and down. 'Seriously, Iz. I'm not a lesbian, so don't dress sexy for me.'
I rolled my eyes and softly punched her in the arm. 'Shut it already, will ya? Now show me whatcha got.'
She held up one of my dresses, of which I had no clue of its existance anymore. It was a purple dress with a black band right under the boobs-section. 'In your everlasting shower time, I've quickly driven home to get you this-' She put the dress down and held up a black corset and purple pumps.
'Oh my gosh, Jemma.' I loved the whole combination. 'That is beautiful. But it won't be, I don't know, too much?'
She shook her head, her long black hair, of which I was so gorgeous, bounced from side to side. 'It will be too sexy. This –' She pointed at the clothes that were laying on my unmade Disney-princesses blankets and then at me. 'Is what I call fuckable fabulicious.'
I grinned. 'Alright then.'
Jemma helped me tie up the corset. And then watched me slipping on the dress and the shoes.
'You look gorgeous already, Izzy.' She smiled at me as I spun a round infront of her. 'Now you're make-up and hair. That will take some more time...'
I rolled my eyes but sweetly obeyed as she pointed at my bed to sit on. It took her about an hour to finish my make-up and curl up strand of my hair. She put everything down and then stared at me for the longest time. Her big, brown eyes scared me a little.
'Jemma?' I asked. 'You're scaring me...'
'If Cole doesn't rip your clothes off when you finally have some time alone, he's gay.'
I giggled. 'So now I'm fuckable fabulicious?'
'You are.' She nodded and looked at her watch, for the second time today. 'And you are right on time. It's ten to five. Let's go down. Here's your purse. –' She pushed me a black clutche in my hands. 'Everything you need is in there; mini-wallet, lipgloss, eyeliner, phone which I by the way put on silence and a condom. You never know.' She winked.

8win a date with cole sprouse! Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:02 pm


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
*faints* this is so good. I WANT MOAR!!!!!! Cole is a sweet (fuckable) guy... hehehe

9win a date with cole sprouse! Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:15 am


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
^^ Lol I love your comments! Razz Yes he is!!!

10win a date with cole sprouse! Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:37 am


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
ieeehieeh! i loovee your comments too <3. And Cole is in tha houusseeee. ojeah.

I sat down in the sofa and Jemma was pacing around the livingroom. She was already this excited over me having a date with Cole, how would she be if she had a date with him?
'Don't tell him about how you got banged and dumped by your one and only ex.' Jemma rambled.
I rolled my eyes. 'Thanks for reminding me again.'
By this age, 17, I only had one serious boyfriend so far. When I finally gave into having sex with him, we rested for no longer than 4 whole days before I found out that I wasn't his only sex-partner. So I dumped him and love left me with no boyfriend and a broken heart.
'If he takes you home, just in case, and you wake up before him, take a breath mint. Nothing's as bad a morning breath.' The black girl continued, she probably didn't even hear my sarcastic comment. 'And don't be all over him. Play a little hard to get. Boys like that!'
I rolled my eyes and was happy the bell rang. I slowly got up, but Jemma literally pushed me towards the door. 'Oh right, this is really hard to get.' I groaned.
But she was having none of it, left me at the front door and then withdrew herself back in the livingroom. Keeping the door ajar so she could still observe the scene.
I opened the door and got greeted by a bouquet of white, yellow and orange flowers & … Sex-on-legs. My heart pounded right out of my chest. I'm sure he must've heard it, I couldn't even hear my own thoughts anymore.
'Isobel Bass?' He asked uncertain.
No, seriously. Of course I'm Isobel Bass, who else would be standing here all dressed up, looking all fuckable fabulicious on a Sunday night?!?!
‘Cole Mitchell Sprouse?' I retorted.
He laughed. 'Fair enough, Izzy.' See, he knows my name well enough. 'Here, this is for you.' He reached me the bouquet of flowers, of beautiful flowers. His eyes rested on my face for a couple of seconds before they darted down to the rest of my body. I found it hard to breathe, it felt like he was eye-fucking me. And this already felt good, what should it be if it was for real...
'Come in.' I smiled and stepped aside. He broke his sight away from my cleavage and stepped into the small hallway. 'I'll give these some water first. You come with me if you want... Or you can stand here if you're more comfortable with that.'
I turned around and made my way back, through the livingroom, to the kitchen. Jemma followed me on my heels, she did not want to get seen by Danny now she looked “miserable”. I quickly put the flowers in the vase and turned around again to stare right into her pretty brown eyes. Her face hoovered a few inches away from mine and I could feel her hot breath condense on my skin. Her breath wasn't really the breath I wanted to feel tonight.
'How is it going so far?' She whispered, voice full of excitement.
I giggled. 'For the two minutes it's going good already. Now lemme go back to my guest.'
She sat down at the kitchen table and pouted, her sad puppy eyes looked at me because she knew I couldn't ignore those. 'Oh Jemzie babe, you know I'll update you as soon as I can.'
Her face lit up and she silently allowed me to go back again. I found Cole in the livingroom, staring at pictures that were standing on the fireplace. A smile played on his lips.
'Is this you?' He pointed at a picture near the back.
Oh no, I totally forgot to hide them. It was me in a tiny swimming pool outside in the garden when I must've been around the age of 2 or 3. I was wearing nothing but a hat and was holding my precious Mr Fluffy. Mum didn't want me to throw it away, it reminded her of the little girl I once was. I could've told him it was my neighbour or somewhat. But there was no denying, the smile on the picture was the one I still had. So yes, it was me. I nodded and burried my face in my hands. 'Oh my god, naked little me.' I murmurred from behind my hands.
He laughed and walked over to me. His big hand patted me on my upperarm. 'Naked little you looked good . And still does.'
I looked up, right into his heavenly blue eyes. Eventhough my face probably had the brightest color of pink you can imagine, I felt it burning up even more as his eyes locked right onto mine. Once again I had the feeling he was eye-fucking me. As if his eyes alone were undressing me, his imaginary hands roaming my body and his imaginary lips brushed over my shiny shimmering skin.
His cough interrupted the magical feeling. 'I think it's time to go.' He said in a soft low voice.

11win a date with cole sprouse! Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:45 am


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
WHAT!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! MOREEEEEEEEE! omg! I'm sorry but this is really getting super uber good!!


12win a date with cole sprouse! Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:52 am


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
hahaha. thank youu. here is the next part!

In the limo Cole had offered me, as a real gentleman, a glass of champagne. We toasted to tonight, to us having a date and that it may end well. No doubt about that, right?
The whole drive down I felt his stare burning on my skin, that boy knew from no stopping.
'First stop – The restaurant Dylan picked out for us.' Cole smiled as the limo pulled over. 'Oh yes, before I forget. None of this date is what I have arranged, not even my clothes. Dylan had to stick his nose in everything.' He rolled his beautiful blue eyes.
I giggled. 'Well, no problem. Let's find out if Dylan has good taste then. And by judging on your clothes, I guess he does.'
He chuckled and then helped me out of the car, which was a great help. I wear more high heels, but in combination with weak knees, or in general a shaky body, it was hard to stay steady on them.
I'm sure I saw his eyes having a quick look at my boobs, but he directed them back to mine as soon as he noticed I saw him staring.
'Wow.' I said, looking at the restaurant building. The windows were all dark and the sign above the windows read 'Dans Le Noir'.
Even Cole raised his eyebrows. 'Fucker. What did Dylan put us up to?'
With a few hesitations, we walked into the restaurant. We stepped into a small hall which was lit up by candles. It all seemed very romantic. There was a bar and Cole walked up to it, I followed on the heels. 'Reservation under the name of Sprouse, please.'
'Aaah oui, monsieur Sprouse told me you were coming.' The man behind the counter said in a typical French accent. 'Suivez-moi, s'il-vous-plaît.'
Cole looked at me, and I knew he hadn't understood it. 'Follow.' I whispered and gave him a soft push.
'Oh' He grinned, he took my hand but didn't entwine my fingers with his and walked behind the guy. It was just the kind of holding hands like you used to do with your best friend in kindergarten.
The waiter brought us into a dark room, we could see nothing except the small flashlight the French waiter was holding to direct us to our table. 'Voici, madame et monsieur Sprouse.'
'Oh.' My lips formed an “o”. 'He's not... I'm not...'
But apparently Cole was already sat down and I felt him pulling at my hand, so I just shut up. There were no chairs, only cushions on the floor for us to sit on. So I sat down on one of them, being happy it was dark. I wasn't sitting very lady like. And I knew I was sitting right next to Cole. I'm not a big fan of being in a completely dark room, but it could be fun though.
'Cole?' I whispered. Not knowing whether I could talk outloud or not. I felt his hand searching for mine after stroking it up my bare leg first. That was probably just his intention. And I didn't mind. The closer he got to my panties, the more I liked it. He could have them if he wanted to. The very moment I noticed he was willing to get into my panties, it was all his'.
I'm such a bad girl. Shouldn't I be thinking about food right now?
I placed my hand on his and he turned his around, with facepalm up to mine. Now this moment our fingers intertwined and he gave mine a little squeeze.
'I'm not really into dark things.' I pouted.
He laughed. 'Me neither, but hey, who knows what might happen here?'
'Champagne, monsieur?' Apparently a waiter had walked up to us and brought up drinks.
'Sure. Can we order food too already?' Cole asked.
'Monsieur Sprouse has taken care of it all. Your food will be served within 5 minutes.' I heard the soft footsteps walking away again.
We talked about a 1001 things and enjoyed our dinner, which was a Plat Tropical du jour apparently. I don't know what was on it, but it tasted nice. We've been in the dark room for what seemed more than an hour already and I was getting adjusted to the lack of light.
'Here, taste this.' I giggled, picking something of the plate of which I had no idea what it was. My one hand searched for Cole's lips, letting my fingers exploring his face. He took that hand and brought it to his lips, dipping my forefinger into his mouth. The touch of his tongue touching my finger was magical. I moaned lightly. Hopefully soft enough for not to be heard by him.
I brought my other hand up and carefully put the piece of fruit into his mouth.
I heard him licking his lips, the sound was closer than I had expected. I could feel his breath on my cheek. And without realizing what I was doing, I placed 2 fingers on his cheek and gently directed him to my lips.
'Melon.' He whispered before pushing his lips onto mine. His lips parted and so did mine, I felt the melon-part getting rolled over my lips. I giggled and broke away again.
'Indeed melon.' A very nice melon, but that was because it had Cole extracts on it.
He chuckled. 'Ironic. This is like a place for blind dates, but didn't Tom know I've seen you before then?'
I frowned. 'You've seen me before?' I wondered. I can't remember running into him. And I'm pretty sure I would've remembered if I would've.
He laughed. 'Yes, of course. I picked you up, didn't I?'
'Ooooh!' I giggled. 'Right, yes. How can I forget? Little naked me is going to hunt me for the rest of my life.'
I felt his hand on my leg again, this time higher than last time. And I'm pretty sure he knew well enough what he was doing. The tops of his fingers tickled me softly. 'Maybe you can update my image?' He must have that cheeky smile on his face right now. That famous cheeky smile, where his eyes were like stars and shimmered in the light. His lips would be curled up into one gorgeous smile. Damn, where are the light when you need them?
I laughed. 'Maybe. But I don't think it will make much sense as we're here in the dark, don't you think?'
'Hm, true. But I'll keep that question in mind if you don't mind.' His hand moved up a little more 'till he wasn't further away than a couple of centimeters of my lady parts. 'Your dress... You still have it on?'
I rolled my eyes. 'No, I'm actually sitting completely bare naked next to you. Bummer you can't see that right now, innit?'
Danny chuckled. 'I can't see but I can feel then.' And with that, his hand that wasn't on my leg, moved up to my breasts-area.
I coughed. 'Cole, that is my boob if you don't mind. Shall I start touching your boobies too?'
'Have fun.' He laughed but yanked his hand back. 'What you think? Shall we get back to the limo and see where the limo will take us?'
'I like that idea.' I smiled. Eventhough I got adjust to the darkness already, I'd much rather see Cole than only feel. I wanted to see his face when he moved his hands up and down my body.
I wanted to see and feel him.

13win a date with cole sprouse! Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:05 am


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
ohmy... im speechless this is so good!!!!!!!!! MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!

your freakin awesome at this! more!!

14win a date with cole sprouse! Empty Re: win a date with cole sprouse! on Wed Jan 27, 2010 6:26 am


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
hihi thank you! you're sooo sweet <3. the next part is for you!

The drive to the next place took a little longer than the ride upto the restaurant. As Dylan picked out every single thing of this date, Cole had no clue where he was taking me. He apologized like a thousand times for it.
'Shut up, Cole.' I finally said. 'I don't care where Dylan is sending us to as long as you're there too.'
Cole stopped rambling and leaned in to give me a kiss on the cheek. The car wobbled as we drove over a small whole in the road and Cole bumped his head into mine. Not hard, but hard enough to make him say sorry all over again.
'Cole, I swear... If I hear you say “I'm sorry” one more time...' I rolled my eyes, but I smiled lightly.
'Then what?' He grinned sheepishly, he held my hand and pulled it onto his lap. Right above his place.
My eyes rested on our joint hands for a split second, I knew exactly the right threat, but it'd be a little too early in the night to use it against him. I couldn't think of any other excuse. But maybe I should let my body do the talking, as he seemed to enjoy it that much.
I bit my bottom lip and moved myself a little closer to him. My bare legs were touching his, I held one up and rubbed my hand over it, making a small moaning sound. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could tell Cole's eyes were nearly popping out. Then I turned to face him, making sure my boobs were sticking out very well. 'What were you saying, Cole?' I said with a sly smile.
His eyes were fixated on my breasts and he licked his lips with the tip of his tongue.
'Cole?' I asked again to draw his attention.
He shook his head lightly and then looked back up to my face. 'Sorry, what?'
'I said, what were you saying to what I might do if you keep saying you're sorry...' I told the whole story short.
With a quick glance at my boobs again, he opened his mouth and closed it again. 'Damn, Izzy, you're a tease.' And with that, he brought his hands to my waist and pulled me over on top of him. My knees rested on each a side of him and his hands slid under the backside of my dress. My heels fell off, but I was willing to lose all my clothes. His lips captured mine, first starting gently but continuing more forcefully by second. My fingers ran though his curly hair down to his spine and I probably left a scar on his back as my nails made their way down there. Cole leaned in so far to me that we nearly fell off the carseat.
'You're wearing a corset?' He whispered inbetween the kisses. I nodded almost unremarkably. 'Kinky.'
I giggled. His hands took the rim of my black lacy panties, twisting his fingers back and forth of the lacy rim, ready to pull it down. 'Do it.' I panted. He went in slow motion.
'Excuse me. We're at the location.' A male voice interrupted our thoughts. In all the heat and passion, we hadn't noticed that the car door was opened and the chauffeur was actually there, staring at us.
I felt my face burning up, I rolled off Cole and brushed my dress back down.
Cole just grinned. 'Right, thanks mate!' He said as he stepped out of the black limo and helped me getting out of the car again. Mind me not making eye-contact with the driver.

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*new reader* nice. Cole and Izzy were gonna get some action, but then the driver had to mess it all up! Grrr...

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bebe; crazy bitch

bebe; crazy bitch
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SPBF Newbie
Awesome. just awesome. more! this is getting really good by the way. Izzy wants Cole badly, like we all do. in bed... doing stuff Razz

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in bed doing stuff lol wow. Razz keep up the good work! we all rooting for you

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wieeeh. thaanks dudes. <3.

'That was embarrassing.' I groaned as we walked through the doors of the theatre.
Cole chuckled. 'I found it rather funny actually.'
I rolled my eyes. 'Oh yeah, really funny. He didn't see your undies.' I'm sure the driver has had a full view on my bum for God knows how long. Maybe he has seen the whole thing. From the moment Cole pulled me on his lap, I got lost in the moment. Nothing existed except his hands, his lips, his body, … Cole.
'Hm, now you come to mention it, I didn't see your undies either.' Cole licked his lips in a playful way. He kept his voice on a down-low so the people around us wouldn't hear him. Good idea, not everyone needed to know we almost fucked eachother in the backseat. What kind of girl am I actually? Getting into his pants on the very first date... But oh well, it's Cole Sprouse, Mr Sex-On-Legs himself. Who would let an opportunity like that slip away?
'Are you serious, Cole?' I stopped walking and Cole stopped to look at me.
'What?' He asked with a dumb look on his face. 'I really didn't see them. I swear.' He made a cross sign over his heart.
I giggled and pulled him closer by his shirt so I could lean in on him. My lips swiftly brushed his ear and I kept my lips close. 'Why you need to see it if you have felt it?'
Cole held in his breath and his hands took grip on my hips. 'Stay put, don't move.'
I raised an eyebrow. 'Why?' I wondered.
'You've caused something.' He nodded his head down almost unremarkably. He bit his bottom lip and looked me deep in the eyes, the cheekyness was written all over his face.
I laughed and stayed where I stood, covering up his erection which apparently I had caused.
'Mr Sprouse?' A woman asked. Cole nodded in response. 'Mr Dylan Sprouse told me you'd be here.'
I turned around but kept standing in front of Cole. He still had his arms around my waist and pulled me now even closer to his body, resting his hands on the place of the rim of my panties. I had a right feel of his hard penis.
'Here are your tickets for tonight's play.' The lady was dressed in a black dress and high heels. She was elderly, but she was still gracefull. Her perfectly manicured hands handed me two tickets. 'Don't hesitate to ask for me when you need something. Everything will be taken care of tonight. Enjoy your stay in London's Theatre.'
And with that, she turned around and walked away. I looked down at the tickets, feeling Cole leaning in over my shoulder. Grease.
'Grease?' Cole groaned. 'Really Dylan’s idea. A lame musical...'
Maybe I should send Dylan a thank you prezzie. I always wanted to see the Grease musical but I never found the time for it. Plus tickets were a little too expensive for a girl who only had a weekendjob. I knew John Travolta wasn't playing in the musical, so the magic from his blue eyes wouldn't be there. But Cole was right next to me, with his greenish-blue eyes.
'Really?' I glanced sideways. 'I always wanted to see it. It sounds amazing and it's already gotten some great reviews.'
Cole's face dropped. 'Oh...Hmm, alright. Let's go then.'
We were sat at the front row and had a good view on the stage. The musical was amazing, not better than the movie, but still... Eventhough Cole first complained about Dylan's choice, he totally got caught up in the play.
During the show I glanced sideways a few times and saw Cole watching the actors in awe. And I couldn't blame him, it was awesome. Just perfect. The whole night had been perfect so far. Unfortunately, to all good things comes an end. And so it did to our date.
The limo pulled over at my house. And again Cole stepped out first and helped me out. We walked up the garden path, going in a very slow pace. I guess neither of us wanted things to end.
I stepped up a step of the 3 stairs to my front door and turned around to face Cole.
'I really enjoyed tonight, Cole.' I smiled down at him. I was a little taller than him now.
He took a step forward, his body was against mine now. 'Me too.'
I didn't know what to say anymore. It would be up to him to ask me out again, I wasn't going to ask him. How stupid would it sound: Hey Cole, fancy going on another date? Maybe we can get it on then without getting interrupted by our driver, who I'm sure will have some naughty dreams about my ass tonight. But what you think, another date?
'Maybe I should go.' He whispered, his hot breath tickled my lips as my face hoovered about 2 centimeters above his. 'You probably have school tomorrow.'
I groaned slightly. 'Seriously Cole, you ruined the mood now. Give me a reason to go, please, because from where I'm standing right now, I'm not going tomorrow. I'll stay in bed a whole day.'
'And think about me?' He asked with a cheeky smile. 'Because I know I will. You know, thinking about you, I mean.'
I rolled my eyes and gently smacked his head. He scrunched his nose and pouted his lips, asking me for a kiss. I nicely obeyed and pecked him lightly.
'Please, don't make me wanna go.' I whined. I put up my puppy face, it always worked. My teachers, parents and friends have proven that fact to me.
Cole brought his one hand up and gently stroked my cheek. 'Izzy, if you want, we can go on another date tomorrow... After school it is then, but then you first have to go.'
I giggled. Jup, I had him where I wanted him to be. Without asking for it myself. 'You sure?'
He nodded. 'Yes, very sure. Why would I ask you out on a second date, which this time I'll plan myself, if I'm not sure.'
Good point, Sprouse!I know exactly what I wanted to do on our second date. 'Ok, you've convinced me to go.'
He snaked his arms around me waist and pulled me in for a kiss. A full frontal snog which lasted for no longer than 2 minutes. He turned around and started walking away, leaving me standing at my frontdoor.
'Sleep tight, Pretty.'

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lol I wanna see some Cole/ Izzy action! Razz

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SPBF Newbie
If his erection was in my panties... ohmygosh. Very Happy Things would get smookkkky!

anywho. more! I want to see how the second date becomes. lol

maybe some smexiness!

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smexines is always nice! haha jk but this is getting good. love it! more WOMAN!

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SPBF Newbie
hahaha. your comments make me smile! i love <3. here's more! Maybe a bit boring but the sexytime is coming sooonnnn!

Today couldn't have gone any slower. I was bored out of my mind and could completely not keep my attention to the classes. My mind kept drifting off to last night. Which was the most amazing night I ever had. But I should really try to keep my head in the game, final exams were coming up soon. Which reminded me of prom this weekend. I still had no dress nor a date. And I didn't want to saddle Cole up with this pain-in-the-ass party. But in order to keep my social status at school, I had to attend it. How much pain-in-the-ass it would be.
I wonder what would've happened if the driver didn't but in last night.
'You're wearing a corset?' He whispered inbetween the kisses. I nodded almost unremarkably. 'Kinky.'
I giggled. His hands took the rim of my black lacy panties, twisting his fingers back and forth of the lacy rim, ready to pull it down. 'Do it.' I panted. He went in slow motion, I felt the lace brushing over my legs as he pulled it down. He rolled over so I sat on the couch and he sat down in front of me on his knees. I cupped his face in my hands and pressed my lips against his, with full force. My mind was wanting him and so was my body, it was burning of desire which he could furfill. I felt his hand in between my legs, stroking my inner thighs softly. I brought my legs up and wrapped them around his body, pulling him closer to the couch. A soft moan escaped my lips as he brought his finger in and started twirling around.
'I want you, Cole.' I moaned. He smiled into another kiss and then made his way down, leaving a trail of kisses behind. He removed his fingers from inside me as his other hand pulled up my dress so he could kiss my belly. His tongue licked me down 'till he reached the place, causing me to moan loudly. 'I want you too.' He whispered before he brought his ton-

'Miss Bass!' A loud voice interrupted my thoughts. I opened my eyes and saw not Cole's face hoovering a few inches away from mine, but my Biology teacher's. And he didn't seem too pleased. 'Can you please answer my question?'
I looked around and noticed all the other students staring at me. I felt my cheeks burning up, I must have doozed off during class. And now, I was hoping I didn't moan out loud.
My silence explained the teacher that I couldn't. 'Please explain to me how the Darwin theory differs from the Lamarcke theory.' He asked, not wanting me to get away with my dream that easily.
I groaned on the inside, I had no idea what he was on about. 'I'm sorry, sir. I can't answer your question. I must've doozed off because of the heat. It won't happen again, Mr Keller.'
'Right, don't make me catch you again, Miss Bass.' The biology teacher walked back upfront and continued his class.
Amy nudged me. 'Dude, you were moaning. And loudly moaning!'
I bit my bottom lip, trying to think of an excuse. 'I had a nightmare.' I quickly made up.
She raised her eyebrow at me. 'Right, yes. Like I believe that. Hello Cole Sprouse Nightmares which I rather call beautiful nightmares then.'
The teacher shot us another glare and we shut up, getting back on the class again. Only another 12 minutes before I'd see Cole again.
My phone buzzed. I looked if the teacher had drawn his attention to another student already and sneakily got out my phone. “I'm not going to make it in time today. Sorry! We'll call later. X C”
My heart sank to the ground and I catched my phone right on time before it'd hit the dirty floor and cause a thundering sound. I felt tears welling up, he promised me. He promised me he'd be here. So last night was just another fucking disaster then? Another heartbreak down the line?
I just wanted to hit the reply button when it buzzed again.
“Jst kidding. I'll be waiting. X C”
I rolled my eyes and quickly brushed my teary eyes. My fingers ran over the keyboard. “I hate you. See you in 10mins. XX” and send it.

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hehehe.. izzy was moaning loudly. love it! more soon!

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<33333333333333333333333333333333 this to DEATH!!!!!!!! JESS YOU ROCK!

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SPBF GFX Designer
lol guitarfreak! cole was such a jerk. then he apologizes. lol and izzys daydream "nightmare". classic. Cool more plz?!

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