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trust me (M)

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1trust me (M) Empty trust me (M) on Sun Jan 03, 2010 7:49 pm


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
trust me (M) 20090520-750-28trustme-1

I got this idea from Glee, and I just had to make a fan fiction about this... I mean... I had to!

Cole Sprouse and his brother Dylan Sprouse were in highschool together, and pretty much the popular boys, always getting the girls, always having a nice smile. And having a nice life... until... something went wrong.

Cole met the girl, that was wrong. Wrong to him, and wrong to his brother. But this girl was different, different then any girl he has met before.

"Oops, er--sorry about that.", Cole accidentally ran into the girl. "Its okay... I-", The girl stopped her mouth, and stared at the beautiful boy that was next to her. "Want me... to help?", Cole asked casually, rubbing his head. "Ye-uhm... sure.", she stammered. Kneeling down, Cole picked up the books, and began to get nervous, yes... he was nervous over this girl! Then he stopped, "This is stupid.", he began. "Huh?", the girl was confused, picking up her folder. "what do you mean?"
Cole bit his lip, trying to think straight. "I mean, this is what happens in movies, and tv shows... you know what I mean? Like their eyes lock...", he trails off, stepping closer to the girl, shifting his shoulders, from the heavy backpack thats straining his shoulders. The girl was getting what he was saying, "Okay...", she chuckled slightly, stepping back a little. " I'll tell you my name...", she muttered getting the awkwardness away from them. Cole heard, and nodded, "Okay, tell me.",

"It's Chole.", she said slowly meeting his eyes. He nodded, smirking at her. "I think you already now my name...haha.", "Yeah I do.", she said firmly, gripping her books on her chest, getting anxious.

The bell rang, Cole was sweating, and saw the girl, sighing. "What class do you have?", he asked suddenly. "Uhm...", she bit her lip, thinking. 'Damn that turns me on.'
"Mr. Giley, the same class as you.", she sounded bored. Cole smiled, "Oh... right.".

"Cole where the hell were you? Fucking a girl or something man?", Dylan whispered to Cole from the door. Cole snarled, and mouthed the words, "No!", Dylan smirked, and mouthed back, "Yeah right.", and Chole showed up next to Cole. "We have to sit, or he'll mark us tardy!", she whispered in his ear.

Somehow, or some way, or maybe it was fate, that they had to sit next to each other.
Should I continue?

2trust me (M) Empty Re: trust me (M) on Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:09 am

bebe; crazy bitch

bebe; crazy bitch
SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
love it so far! please continue! Razz

3trust me (M) Empty Re: trust me (M) on Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:01 am


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
After the bell rang, Chole walked away quickly from Cole.
"Wait...", Cole called her. But he wasn't fast enough... "She's not into you.", Dylan told him, smirking. "Who is she into then?", Cole asked smartly. He smiled to his younger twin, "Not your concern.", and walked away getting into his class.

"Damn football practice.", Cole huffed, and put his white-red helmet on. "Your playing quarterback this time, man.", David patted Cole's back. "Wait--what? But I'm a kicker.",
"Your not small, Sprouse. Your slightly taller then me and--"
"Wait! David, you just can't make the changes around here? Only the coach can.",
"I asked Andrew, and he said he was fine with it."
"Bullshit, I wanted to play kicker, and thats all I'm playing dude.", Cole said flatly.
"Cole, you can't anymore, we've changed the rules.",
"Since when was Andrew the coach?",
There was a silence. "He wasn't", David muttered in his breath.
"Thought so. I don't know what you have against me, but its getting kinda annoying."

As Cole kicked the ball, someone ran into him, swift and hard. Making him groan, from such pain.
"You fucker!", he yelled, and pushed the guy off. "Don't! Sprouse! You've been making our lives a little hell hole, and I don't think I like it too much...", David yelled back, ontop of Cole, and punched him square in the jaw.
"Ugh.", David kicked him, as Cole layed there with his helmet on, but David quickly snatched that off of his head, and kicked his head.
"Please stop!", Cole cried. "You little mother--", he kicked his stomach again, "FUCKER!", he yelled and kicked him harder.

And thats when Chloe saw what happened. "STOP IT! STOP HURTING HIM!", she cried, and ran over to the group of boys that were kicking Cole.
"HE'S DEFENSELESS! LEAVE HIM ALONE!"< she screamed, and David turned around, and smiled meekly at her. "I don't really need your two sense in this little girl.",
"Your not going to do anything to me.", she spat bitterly. David tried to grab her arm, but she smacked it away. "Don't you dare touch me.", she said darkly.
"Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?", David asked mockingly to her. Making her feel dizzy and confused.

"I'm gonna do this!", Cole grabbed David's back, and punched his face, making him squirm on the grassy foot-ball field, with his teammates.
"C'mon, lets go.", Cole hollered at Chloe, catching her arm qucikly, and sprinting towards the gates.
"Lets get in my car.", he said hastily.

"I'm not dealing with those fucking morons again.", Cole darkened his tone, and got in the drivers seat. Chloe got in the passengers seat, and glanced at Cole awkwardly.
"You know what? I forgot to take off this stupid ass uniform, hold on.", he chuckled to him self, and took his football uniform off, and he was only wearing a white-beaters shirt, and skinny-jeans. (not super skinny but skater skinny)
Chole didn't know what she was getting her self into. "How about we goto McDonald's or something?", Cole asked her calmly, and sweetly.
"Um. Sure. Thanks Cole. Sorry about for coming out at the field on a random time, but I saw you getting hurt, and I couldn't just stand there....", she said, crossing her arms.
"Thanks...", he said, smiling at her. "You were awesome.",
She blushed a little, and though about him shirtless. 'Oh god, I want to see his chest so bad! It must be lean.. I have to see it sooner or later.'

"Crazy day huh?", Cole cut the silence while ordering food. "Yeah...", her voice broke. Thats when his head whipped around. "You okay?", he asked sweetly. "Not really...",
"Why?", he said in almost a whisper. "Because...", then she paused, not really knowing the answer her self. "i don't know...", she gave up saying anything else.
"Don't give me that.", he said calmly, he then got the food in a bag, and parked near the alleyways inside of a garage.

"We can hide in here...", he said quietly, small faint music was coming from his speakers. Chloe grabbed her burger, and started munching, "Cole.", now she cut the silence.

"Yeah?", he gulped, and looked at her funny.
She giggled, "Is there something on my face?", she asked, raising her brows at him. That made his smiled more wider. "No... right there.", he moved his thumb towards her lip, to wipe off the mess, and their eyes locked. "You know you can kiss me right?", she told him, without any fear, she was so eager to see his 'other' form then right now. Right now, she wanted him.

Cole leaned in, and kissed her lips lightly, giving her bottom lip, and small peck. Which teased her more, and she was playing with his bottom lip.
His lazy eyes, moved towards her breasts. 'Not small, not big either... just... right...', he smiled to himself.
Cole kissed her, this time was a kiss. Not a light touch, but a kiss. And she was giving a kiss back? She wrapped her arms around his neck, and he kissed her deeply. Slipping his feverish tongue in her mouth, to allow entrance, and oh boy did she give him the entrance.
She accidentally grinded her crotch onto his, and she stopped, her chest heaving up and down.
"Ohmygod.", she panted. Cole smiled at her. "Your...amazing.", he paused, "your more then amazing, your beautiful...", the words slipped out of his mind to his mouth, and he wanted to smack himself. She smiled at him, and gave him a warm hug.

4trust me (M) Empty Re: trust me (M) on Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:04 pm


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
we need more of these fan fics & soon. MORE!

5trust me (M) Empty Re: trust me (M) on Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:06 pm


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
Omg.... Cole Sprouse... making out with Chloe ( YOU )! ahhhhhh!!!!! MORE!

6trust me (M) Empty Re: trust me (M) on Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:07 pm


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
Amazing. More. and did I say amazing? lol

7trust me (M) Empty Re: trust me (M) on Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:33 am


Senior SPBF Member
Senior SPBF Member
Thats awesome as! moree! ;D

8trust me (M) Empty Re: trust me (M) on Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:20 pm


SPBF GFX Designer
SPBF GFX Designer
Just when I thought that there weren't any sprouse fan fics. Gosh this is good.

9trust me (M) Empty Re: trust me (M) on Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:05 am


SPBF Newbie
SPBF Newbie
this is good.

more when you cann?

10trust me (M) Empty Re: trust me (M) on Wed Feb 10, 2010 11:04 pm


Senior SPBF Member
Senior SPBF Member
moree plzz??

11trust me (M) Empty Re: trust me (M) on Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:23 pm


SPBF GFX Designer
SPBF GFX Designer
ahhhmore this is ahmazing!

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